I thought it’s time for a small status report. We have broken plenty of records recently.After seven years of PDRoms we are having an extreme rush of news. The first record was broken in December 2005, having 367 news. This was already insane and lot’s of work for us, as this is a non-profit page and we really spend lot’s of time to bring news. It can’t get any better? You are wrong!Right after the news-blow in December 2005 we had another in January 2006 – now counting 438 news! As everyone knows – all good things happen three times in a row – February 2006 was another month of records. February 2006 had _ONLY_ 450 news.By now we count 1005 news for 2006, which makes 14 news a day. Keep comming back and thanks for visiting PDRoms!-po’qako