I just got an email from PopCap games who are holding the copyright of”Bejeweled”. They complained that I reported about the”Bejeweled”game for the PSP. I removed both”news items”of Bejeweled PSP.

Mr. xxxxxx:I am contacting you on behalf of my company, Popcap Games, in regard to your use of our intellectual property and registered trademark,Bejeweled. Our company has been continuously developing and publishingBejeweled since 1999, and our company is the owner of US and otherinternational trademarks for Bejeweled. We are interested in protecting our intellectual property and trademarks, and your site’s reference to a Sony PSP homebrew called”beJeweled”has come to our attention as infringing our trademarks ( http://www.pdroms.de/news.php?nid=2118 ).One of our guiding principles is to avoid any confusion between ourintellectual property and unlicensed properties like the one currentlybeing developing and posted to sites such as yours. Since our company is currently exploring development of Bejeweled and Bejeweled sequels for the Sony PSPand numerous other platforms, we trust you will agree with us that it is in the best interests of all parties to avoid any actions which may result in confusion between PopCap’s game IP and trademarks and unauthorized versions like the one referenced on your site. With this principle in mind, we request that you immediately remove links, screenshots, and all other references to the unlicensed version of”beJeweled”for the PSP, and that you recall any and all copies of the game which may be in circulation on your site.I look forward to hearing from you promptly confirming your compliancewith my request.xxxx xxxx–xxxx xxxx * Chief Operating Officer, PopCap GamesOffice: +1.206.256.xxxx * Email: [removed]

I want to point out that I only had 2 newsposts about Bejewelled PSP while one of them had a screenshot. It’s a pain how a newspage get treated just to WRITE about news.


I appreciate that you haven’t hosted copies of the file, and I’m sorry I had to involve you in this matter. The problem is we’re planning to release Bejeweled and Bejeweled variants of the PSP commercially, and I don’t want any unauthorized copies or links to unauthorized copies of the game out there on the net. I have told the developer,”The Grey Matter”, that if he, for example, changes the name of the game, replaces the graphics he ripped out of our game with, perhaps, platinum, gold, silver, bronze, and copper coins, and puts a simple pirates-and-treasure theme around the game, that I would cheer him on and probably even play his take on a classic match-three mechanic. But he can’t steal our game name, graphics, and overall look-and-feel when we’re contemplating a commercial release in the next few months.Again, sorry I had to involve you in this mess. Best of luck with yoursite and the homebrew scene.

As this changes the situation completly, I suggest everyone to -remove- any hosted Bejewelled PSP files from their server. The first letter sounded rather rude for me without explaining things, but as this one makes everything clear, please follow their wish and remove any copies of Bejeweled PSP.