One of Kojote’s side projects, RETROGURU, is back, but in a modified form. Few years ago this page was an emulation news page with own news, while the reborn version is an emulation news aggregator.

It takes emulation & homebrew news from the best scene pages out there and accumulates it at one place. The headlines directly links to the news source, so credits are instantly given where due.

The initial purpose was, to not check dozens of pages a day, which is very time consuming. Maybe this little page will save some time for others too.

The initial (mostly unasked) contributors to this project are:
* 1Emulation –
* AEP-Emu –
* Emuboards –
* EmuHQ –
* PDRoms –
* VG-Network –

For now everything is very basic, but the content counts. Probably the layout will stay like this forever 🙂 The page is free of banners.

PS: Due to the odd backend, the page should work proper by 18th June. All posts, even when older, were aggregated with the date of today (17th June).