The international non-profit just for fun game development group Retroguru is looking for helping hands! Several of their games such as Giana’s Return, Sqrxz, Sqrxz 2 and Sqrxz 3 were ported to several oldschool (but also newschool) consoles, handhelds and computers. Still they suffer to find a helping hand to support them with homebrew Wii development. Certainly they will be also happy if you can code for other systems not yet supported such as PSX or PS2, Haiku, BeOS, etc… Most up to date engine is used in Sqrxz 3 available for 18 systems! Main code was usually done by Thor using C/SDL 1.2.

As there is no budget existing and most of the team just do games as hobby there is unfortunately no more involved than credits and fame. If you are still interested check out the Retroguru’s homepage contact section. Sources are closed source, but will be of course provided once you need them.