Image provided by: Bruce TomlinBruce Tomlin is currently working on a RPG demo for the good old Colecovision. Here are the release notes:

Okay, I guess I should go ahead and show off the ColecoVision project that’s had me grumbling about the TMS9918 lately.

Yes, the text is just stupid engrish filler right now. I’ve been mostly working on the map stuff so far. My next plan is to try to get items working. Thanks to the limitations of the TMS9918, items will probably have to replace the entire map tile that they’re on, since I’ve used three sprites (actually four, but the fourth wasn’t needed) just for the wizard at the middle of the screen.

The house graphics were the most recent thing I did. I used to have”better”looking river tiles, but then I looked at a screen dump I had of a FF1 town and realized it was simpler to just make the river a full tile wide. It helped a lot with the 2-color limitation, and with the bridges, too.

Don’t anyone get your hopes up on seeing this finished any time soon. There’s a LOT of work involved in getting one of these things together.

When running on MESS, for some reason the game graphics will sometimes glitch. One character cell of the border lines will get the wrong color table information, and sometimes it won’t draw half of a tile. I’ve never seen these glitches happen on the real hardware.