FreePlay is currently working on a RSS reader for the PSP using Lua. This will enable useres without having the latest firmware, to be able to read RSS Feeds too. Others notes:

I’ve got a new version! The URL for the RSS feed no longer has to be hard-coded into the Lua script. It can parse a URL, grab the IP address for the domain, connect, and download a file. Actually, it can download as many files as you want, one after the next.There’s only one problem: it’s saving the HTTP header information into the file, which causes problems for both binary files and the XML parser. I’m sure it’ll be a simple fix once I look at it. The last line of the header is always the”Content-Type”line, followed by a blank line, so I can just search for the second new line after the Content-Type and that should be the start of the file!Things are looking good. My next step will be to read a .CFG file with a list of web addresses and feed titles. Then I can feed these web addresses into the download program, pass in the title, and have it save each feed individually.I’ll be away from my wireless connection from the 23rd to the 27th, so I might be slowed down a bit. Regardless, I can start working on the offline part of the program over my vacation.At the rate I’m going, you may have an RSS reader for 1.50 PSPs by the start of the new year! (But don’t hold me to that statement )In my latest version, the various feeds will be download into the (Lua Player Folder)ApplicationsRSS folder.