is having something nice comming up!


A whole year has passed since the first Scenery Beta 2008, and our particular Homebrew Festival has returned with the summer time. This time we are glad to announce that we will give real trophies to the winners of each category. We hope that the Scenery Beta 2009 will bring to us even more Homebrews than the last festival (specially in sections like Wii and NDS). In order to achieve this purpose our Homebrew Festival will dristribute as much money as the last year (2.400 EUR even despite the global crisis), new model and capacity for the pendrives (4GB each one), new trophies, commemorative stickers and official diplomas.

Scenery Beta 2009 is not a competition, it is just a festival (similar to cinema festivals) which not only pay tribute to all those great coders who make the scene bigger and bigger, but also make the rest of us enjoy with new games and applications for our favourite consoles: PSP, Nintendo DS, Wii and PC. welcomes you to Scenery Beta 2009. Let’s get this party started!