RomShark comes up with an improved version of Scorched Earth.

Well, here’s (checks notes) version .9! Wait, the last one should have been .4a, not 1.4a…

Anyway, major changes here! First off, there’s a customized eboot icon and background, thanks to Ryuu of the PSPUpdates forums. Great job!

Also, I’ve added a cool menu. There’s still more things on there that aren’t implenmented yet than are, but it gives room for expansion. So sorry, the network play isn’t in there. With the menu, you can change the ground, sky, gravity, player numbers, falling dirt, which landscape engine to use, landscape steepness (only for the new landscape engine). That’s about it so far.

In the game itself, we’ve now got up to 6 players. Blue and White tanks were added. I tweaked the shooting part to go faster, and I have ideas that might optimize it even more. Oh, and I tossed in Deaths Heads weapons, just in case someone actually wanted to use them . Although their use slows down that whole round of bullets, even after the heads have all exploded.

Using a better font file, so ther’s now lowercase and uppercase letters. The Hello-World team strikes again! File from the RIN source.

Next, I hope to have a scoring system of some type set up, as well as more weapons (dirt-based), and some more menu items working.

No source this time. In the game, use the d-pad to aim and adjust power (hold the L-trigger to go faster.) X to shoot, square and circle to cycle weapons, triangle to clear the screen of smoke traces. Use X to continue during tank dialoge (talking before firing or when dead). triange cancels shots, since sometimes it gets stuck (I’m still looking into that…) Select returns to the home menu.