In Scorched Earth you have tanks to shoot a variety ofweapons at each other, ranging from simple baby missiles, to molten napalm, to full scale nuclear weapons. Changes in this release:

Well, here’s my next release! Now we’ve got some simple AI and a crappy menu system. The AI tank isn’t very smart, but can you go up against 3 of them? That’s right, now you can get 2 to 4 tanks, all selectable to be Human or Computer controlled. The AI tanks have two different settings: fire on any tank other than itself, or fire only at humans (then turn on each other.)Also, you can turn on a feature to see the info of the CPU tank before it fires, for debugging purposes. Also:

  • fixed display problem that caused massive slowdown while the bullets were flying.
  • remembered to add scorched.c (my bad!)
  • got falling tanks working (although the red tank sometimes falls further down for unknown reasons…)
  • Did I mention the menu system? Press SELECT while adjusting tank power/angle, or when the bullets are flying to get back to the main menu.I do find that occasionally the program pauses after all the bullets are gone. It probably thinks that there’s an active bullet, but there is none. You can press the Triangle key to continue. This key causes the firebullet routine to stop and let the tanks adjust for the next shot. This can be used during regular play to cancel shots also.