Romshark has updated”Scored Earth”. This not not a final now, more like an Alpha. Here are the release notes:

Here’s a small update. It’s not really an”official”release, so I’m calling it 1.4a (or alpha). I’m trying out talking tanks here, plus I’m using a method of landscaping that is more”Scorch-Like”(which I modified from a Qbasic program called Bomb by David Duvenaud. Find it under Action Games at ). A few other things were tweaked and changed, but they probably won’t te obvious.

Since this isn’t a real release, there’s no source code. Just an eboot file. The source code is a mess right now anyway from the coding changes. Next I’m going to work on a menu system and hopefully more weapons. We’ll see how that goes.
Also, I’d rather have the talking loaded from an external file, so others can add their own dialogue. Can anyone point me in the direction of a demo that loads external files into a text reader or something? I also need to know if it can understand End-Of-Line and End-Of-File, so that I can load one random line of text. Maybe even use it to save settings and some form of game save?