SnesPSP is a new SNES emulator for the PSP made by Thunder, Yoyo and Laxer. It is based on two various SNES emulator ports and already comes with a giant list of features:

  • 5 Rendering mode:
    Mode0 : Optimized Snes9x,
    Mode1 : Original Snes9x
    Mode2 : Hardware accelerated (using PSP’s GU)
    Mode3 : Adaptive rendering Mode 2 + Mode 1 (default)
    Mode4 : Adaptive rendering Mode 2 + Mode 0 – Yes you read well, this version support nearly all the graphics effects of the Snes accelerated with PSP hardware. – Except : offset mode&mode 7.
  • Priority and blending are fully emulated. – For the moment a few graphic glitches remain, we did our best for the moment in our knowledge. Please understand.
  • Zipped ROM support.
  • IPS patch file (have to be the same name as game with .IPS extension : SOE.ZIP =>SOE.IPS)
  • Compressed Savestate with small screenshot.
  • Auto save of SRAM on game change, exit&Snes reset so you should never lose them ;-).
  • Autoskip.
  • Gamma correction.
  • VSync support.
  • SDD1 encrypted roms (Star Ocean, Street Fight Alpha 2,…)
  • SA1 (slow), SuperFX (slow), C4, DSP1 support.
  • Multiple sound frequencies : 22Khz, 32Khz, 44Khz.
  • Multiple stretching mode with or without smoothing
  • Detailed Battery informations.
  • 222,266&333Mhz PSP frequency.
  • Snapshot based Icon per game. Take a snapshot while ingame (using GUI)&then you’ll have it in file browser.
  • The emulator has a splash screen that user MUST read to be able to play the games. The reason is pretty easy: Some PSP sites are changing the NFO / ReadMe files to promote this as THEIR stuff.