Space Battles is a simple rail shooter with 18 enemies by Dave.


  • Title screen has animated drop down title with flashing colors.
  • Alien drop down animation at beginning of level.
  • Correct alien in group flashes and then dies when shot.
  • Alien projectile drops from lowest row of surviving aliens.
  • True identity of alien projectile is not revealed until bottom band.
  • Color matched alien projectile transforms into either a double width green fuel pod or a single width red bomb.
  • Dropping bomb makes a bomb dropping sound.
  • Three alien speeds per level slow, stepping, fast.
  • Four different enemy patterns as level increases.
  • Fuel gauge with low fuel warning sound and FUEL LEVEL warning message.
  • CATCH FUEL message synchronized with fuel pod drop.
  • Bomb/Fuel pod impact sound and ground flash for bombs.
  • Missile and Alien projectile collision pushes projectile upwards and increases score.
  • Alien row is shielded and appears as an”S”after being hit until another alien row is hit.