Dave has released his first Atari 2600 game to the public. Here is what he said:

Hi, my name is Dave and after reading the tutorials here and looking at code samples I have coded my first game. It’sa simple rail shooter with 18 enemies. I have three game options Normal Play, Steerable Missiles and No Shields. Shields are available in options 1 and 2 by pushing up on the joystick. The shields can take a limited number of hits before heating up and exploding your ship. There is a limited fuel supply for each level, but it can be partially replenished by catching the white bombs from the enemies. Red enemy bombs cause your ship to explode, unless your shields are up. Each completed level increases you available ships by 1 to a maximum of 6. The enemy speed increases every level, but resets to default speed after every 6 levels. When you fire and hit an enemy convoy it explodes, the survivors spin and cannot be damaged again until you hit a different enemy. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks, Dave