After a few weeks without update Tyrell updated his Spectrum emulator for the GP32 again. The changes:

– Rewrote the virtual keyboard. It’s now like the ‘real’ speccy keyboard, and is displayed in a graphical way. Press LEFT and RIGHT for caps shift / symbol shift (only two keys are supported as of now : Symbol shift + P =”, Caps Shift + 0 = backspace).- Bug fixed : the 48k savestates are now working. – Bug fixed : previously, when a 48k game was started before a 128k game, it was greatly slowed down (about 20-30%! the reason was a problem with AY sound code emulation).- Fixed flickering in the options screen- Changed the way keys are handled, because pressing LEFT + RIGHT for saving a game was not very easy. LEFT is now only used as a ‘shift’ key. Here are the new keys : RIGHT = file browser, SELECT = keyboard, LEFT + RIGHT = options, LEFT + SELECT = savestate. Everyone should be happy with the new keys.