Tyrell updated his Spectrum emulator for GP32. The changes:

– Savestates added. For saving, press L+R simultaneously. A snapshot of the currently emulated machine will be performed to a .SAV file. This corresponds to a .SNA if working in 48k mode, or a .Z80 if working in 128k mode. The savestate will be *automatically* loaded the next time the game is selected in the file browser. Please note that as of now, loading a SLT savestate won’t work. This is really 100% functional for 48k .ZNA or 48k/128k .Z80 files.- Added a”reboot gp32″option (active as soon as the option menu is exited). This option is not saved on SMC, otherwise it would be impossible to launch the emulator :p – Added more keys in the virtual keyboard: ss, cs, en, bs, sp (symbol shift, caps shift, enter, back space, space).- Changed the way the”key is working : it’s not sending a LOAD””command anymore, but is simply sending the”key, because it was causing too many problems (depending on the rendering option).- Recompiled with GCC. A nice side effect is that sound is better (less background noise).- Reduced the executable size to about 50% of the original size, thanks to b2fxec (thanks Mr. Spiv)