Tyrell did another update of his Spectrum emulator for the GP32. Here are the changes:

– Version v0.2 is released!What’s new:- Added AY-3-8910 sound ! Sound is very clean in some games. Try”head over heels”128k version,”Rick Dangerous 2″,”Tetris2″… However, in other games (especially in the menus) AY sound is not that good, there’s some background noise. But all in all, I think it’s a welcomed feature, evenif it’s not 100% perfect.- Enhanced Beeper sound. Now, it’s a little bit clearer than before, and few or no background noise can be heard.- Enhanced the virtual keyboard and added the space key (the ‘*’ on the virtual keyboard). Now, press”B”button to select the key and the”A”button to quit without pressing a key.- Options screen: when pressing the”B”key, options are not saved but they are taken into account (was not the case before).