A new Spectrum 48k and 128k emulator namedspeccyal Khasbeen released for the GP32. It features:

    – 48k and 128k models- Can load SNA / TAP / Z80 (v1.45, v2.01, v3) / SLT / SCR file formats- Virtual keyboard to enter any key and thus allowing a greater compatibility. It also allows entering the LOAD””command on the basic command line to load the TAP file format.- Full speed @ 132 mhz- Mame z80 cpu core for great compatibility- Beeper Sound (need some enhancements though)- Options screen with options to choose the joystick emulation (sinclair1, sinclair2, cursor), the emulated hardware, and whether or not user wants to display the FPS …). Options are automatically saved on the SMC. – File browser with possibility to load a file anywhere on the SMC card

The author _tyrell_ will soon add AY-3-8910 emulation, its currently implemented but it will crash the emulator so for now it is disabled. Downloads of this new Spectrum emulator can be found on the homepage athttp://www.speccyal.be/.