skate2live has released a final version of his arcade game SquareGame2x. Release notes:

I dont know if this qualifies as news, but i just finished version 1 of my fenix game, Squaregame2x. It was a 2 day project, but im pretty sure this is the final version. It has all the features i was looking for, and since nobody reccomended anything, its complete. Before asking installation/gameplay questions read the readme. If you find any bugs/think i should add a feature post here or PM me. If youve played the game please let me know what you think by either rating it at the archive or posting here, even if its a one-word post (“good”,”bad”,”fun”) id like to know what you guys think of it. I’ve tried uploading the .zip for this release to the archive, but it said it was being processed and ill be emailed when its updated. (the version on the archive says 1.0 but if the zip file you download isnt its still the old version)