Squarez is a simple action game utilizing the PSP’s analog stick. Changes:

New Features

  • Added particle effects to enemies when they are destroyed.
  • Particle effects can be set on/off in options – saved to .cfg file
  • Added screenshot counter to .cfg and options so screenshots will no longer get overwritten.
  • Added 3 new bomb powerups using particle effects to Arcade mode.
  • Added L1 for Pause.
  • Added moving squares to splash/menu, options and credits screens for fun.
  • .cfg file format (so this is the last time you should delete your .cfg file!)


  • Classic, Arcade and Survival Modes with unique high scores for each.
  • Option area to select analog desensitivity, turbo adjust and slow adjust.
  • 5 powerup bombs (random bomb appears every 10 points).
  • http://www.globware.com/psphomebrew_squarez.php