Dear visitors,

As everyone knows the news-service is back since a while. Actually it was not planed to have the news public that fast again, and the main site is currently using some free RSS to HTML service, which also brings quite a big delay for all news (unless you have access to the beta page).

If you use an RSS feed reader, you are highly encouraged to order the feed and stick with the feed, till pdroms is fully back (which means including file-downloads, interviews, etc…).

As the beta page is password protected but the feed is located there, some RSS feed reader will start mocking – so you need to try if this also applies to your feed reader or not. In case you are using Opera’s integrated feed reader, everything should work fine and flawless.

Also help building up a community and use the webboard which is located at – The webboard for some reason has always been almost dead… anyway… 🙂

And while I am at it, the currect coding compo details can be found at: – please spread the word about it, there are still 17 days left and the prizes are quite funky 🙂

Kojote & Team