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Currently 56.52 percent of visitors would like to hear me ramble. This is great news! I love to ramble on. It usually is about something technology related, but this special 56.52% want me to specifically talk about my ongoing development projects. Crazy, I know.

So to please the the majority, I have whipped together this summary of instant gratification.

This is what keeps me active within the homebrew gaming community. I’ve been working on it for years now, and sometimes it gets better. For those of you who are strangely unaware yet reading this, psx4all is a Sony Playstation emulator focused on being portable within a range of low-performance handhelds. The largest community of users of psx4all is the great GP2X handheld community.
Unai has been busy with his day job and has been unable to get much put into psx4all as of late. He’s done so much already, he deserves some rest.
Hlide is currently focusing on figuring out why my crazy dynarec is performing as well as it is. We tried some optimizations to the dynarec where we expected slight, but noticeable gains. We didn’t get the gains. So he is very determined to get this emulator in tip top shape, even if it means we start rewriting this emu from scratch and plug in some existing parts such as Unai’s already excellent GPU. Taking things step by step, Hlide is researching other dynarecs and static binary translation techniques and seeing how they handle things such as register allocation. It’s always good to learn from others who have been writing similar code and have dealt with pitfalls that are to be encountered. If this week of dynarec improvements to the current psx4all ARM Dynarec core don’t shape up, we may consider tearing out a lot of existing framework and using hlide’s work in progress psx emulator sources. This project is being worked on by at least one team member every day. It may be the Craiginator handheld that brings this emulator to life though.

I recently got back in touch with c2woody (“wd”) from the DosBox team. I am getting my Sharp Zaurus C1000 out. Dusting it off, and compiling the 0.72 DosBox build for it. The next step, get an ARM Dynarec running! Simple? No. Fun? Yes!

Wouldn’t OpenTTD be really cool on a wide resolution VGA touchscreen? Wouldn’t DosBox be better with a hardware based keyboard and an ARM Dynarec to allow for more “recent” DOS titles? Wouldn’t PSX4ALL be great if it were running fullspeed, sound, and all, and gave me some room to not work constantly on performance but allow me to polish it up as well?

I’m currently working for a great dev studio on commercial handheld development. While my freetime is limited, I strive to use that little bit to get my projects done. All the while, keeping you, the reader, informed.