Strat-O-Gem (formerly Col-Gems2600) is a Columns / Jewel Master like game for the Atari 2600. Changes:

I adjusted the colors in this one, changed the title screen, adjusted the difficulties, and added a few new features to improve playability. Also, different levels now have different gem designs.Please give me feedback on all of those changes.New features:-1- The game now shows the next set of gems-2- The game now draws a foul line below the third row.-3- You may switch the current set of gems for the”next”set any time UNLESS either set is the”bomber”gem. If there’s something you don’t need yet, you can thus save it for later up unless/until you reach the end of the level (after each set lands, the set you just swapped with the”next”set will become the current set; push up on the joystick to swap it again). While you’re doing this, though, your”next gem”display isn’t useful for letting you know what’s coming.-4- Changed the sound when a bombergem hits bottom. Not sure I like this one any better, though.I still need to work out what I want for the game over and level-select logic, but the game itself is pretty much done. Problem is I spend more time playing than coding.