supercat is continuing his work on Strat-O-Games, a great columns like game for the Atari 2600. Release notes:

Yet another WIP. This one adds a few more Atarivox effects, shortens the level-advance-effect routine by a few cycles, changes the difficulty-switch behavior, adds a little more spit-and-polish to the title screen, and is generally nearing completion. Biggest thing left to go is saving record accomplishments.I would like feedback on difficulty (make sure left difficulty is in”normal”position), gem shapes, Atarivox effects, and anything else people want to comment on.BTW, what do I have to send the Atarivox to kill the current speech playback and start something else? Right now, if a triple scores while the Atarivox is playing”Level seven complete”, the Atarivox can get behind, which really doesn’t sound all that great.There are some more things I’d like to put in if I had the energy, but I wantto get this thing released before (1) Christmas, and (2) I get too burned out on it.