supercat has released another update to Strat-O-Gems, a Columns like game for the Atari 2600.

Here’s a beta of the deluxe version. Just about everything that’s going to be in is in this version. The only features remaining that I can think of are:-1- It should be possible to clear the records table. I will add code to the boot section to do that.-2- The boot menu should only appear if you hold SELECT on startup; otherwise, the game should default to the last-selected video mode if an Atarivox is connected (or NTSC if it is not).The left difficulty switch in the final release will select whether the gems rotate up or down in response to the fire button. Currently it has that effect, but also makes the levels 4 gems long instead of 64 (used for debugging higher levels).The game may be paused either by pushing RESET briefly at any time during play, or by pushing and holding the fire button while gems are reacting (the fire button must be held until the reaction is complete). Push fire button, reset, or select to exit pause.During”attract”mode, pulling down on the joystick will skip the current screen.If the game misses Vsync, an error screen will appear with some vertically-arranged numbers on it. PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT THE NUMBERS READ so I can track down the problem.I would like to release the game soon, but want to ensure all the bugs are out of it first. Any problem reports would be much appreciated.