Release notes:

I am working on an adaption of the obscure 1977 Kee/Atari game Super Bug. Not a direct port – in the original game you just drove until time ran out. I plan to add some features, like powerups, obstacles and maybe a multiplayer option.Right now I am using the car sprite from Indy 500. This will be replaced by a VW bug sprite eventually.Right now this a playable demo. A little buggy but it works mostly. If you try it, I recommend messing with the console switches:Left difficulty: A=ice, B=asphaltRight difficulty: A=fast car, B=slow carCOLOR/BW: BW=driving controller, COLOR=joystickI recommend both switches on ‘A’ then try to keep the car on the road!There will be several tracks in the game. Also, the way I set it up, the track is 128×128 graphic saved as a monochrome .bmp file, then I manually stripped off the headers. Eventually I might include a program to allow you to insert your own tracks into the binary.