Release notes:

For those of you who are new to the forums, Tank AI is my one player version of Combat. I started it two years ago as a class project and had made a playable version. It was good enough that Digital Eclipse gave it the honor of including it in the Atari Anthology. Unfortunately the computer was not very competitive against a human being, and I was short on ideas for making it smarter. In January this year, I had rashly pronounced the project over.Since then things have improved. A breakthrough came when I realized that the code that directs the tank could be applied to guided missiles as well. I’ve put together a demo that shows how deadly guided shots can be.I have ruled out using complex mazes like my old demo, and have decided to use the three original playfields.Thanks to Rob Mitchell for not letting me give up. I gradually work on Tank AI from time to time, even though I prefer to focus on a non-infringing homebrew that can be put on cartridge. My priorities could change if I can work out a deal with Atari Inc. to include it on a future project. (Flashback 3?)