Earlier this morning we’ve spotted the currently first news item on TehSkeen. Brakken mentioned to take an overdose of certain tablets and he seems to be gone since then.

Obviously several people tried to get ahold of him, without success. Some called the police and regarding one response in the thread, they found him and brought him to hospital.

All this could be a hoax, due to a hacked account, but it could also be true, as he been talking about “bad life” a lot recently and also did not seem to care about himself anymore, without going into details.

TehSkeen, next to other sites, is a great source for homebrew news and related things, so having the webmaster brakken lost, would be also a bad thing for the community. May people like or dislike his style, is not the question right now.

Time will tell what happend!

Good luck, wherever you are, brakken!