News from Rockin-B:

The SEGA Saturn cannot change texture coordinates in game by hardware. This means that textures are pre-mapped and cannot change (except very few and very limited programming tricks, not worth mentioning) which is required for some of todays lightning effects.So I started to implement the generation of a texture from a big source texture using texture coordinates and expanded it to a full featured real-time texture mapping support library. Three demos were released and the 3rd new demo is really…..ahm…..really worth to look at, I think.Features of the demo are: I’m so lazy writing stuff down here. Just look at the screenshots, view the video capture and download the SEGA Saturn demo to play AFTER READING THE INCLUDED README.TXT FOR CONTROLS. Because the demo is all about using the control pad smartly. You can do a lot with it if you know how. It is no auto-demo.