Quiest has updated”The Minigame Project”. It’s a collection of plenty of minigames made in Fenix. Four new games come with this release:

  • Fruity Guy
  • Cannonball Paddler
  • Space Ball
  • Bubbles32
  • Changes compared to the previous version:


  • New icon for the fxe
  • Changed splash screen
  • Added pause function to all minigames, except for Tunnel (because it is not made by me) and Target Slide (doesn`t need to pause)


  • Changed background
  • Rearranged the menu pictures, so no empty pics get showed
  • Autosave option: There is an option to turn autosave on/off to save writecycles of your smc.
  • Manual saving: Press START at the menu to save all new scores if you have the autosave option switched to”off”.
  • New icon for Marios Combo Bounce.

    Bloody Bumblebee:

  • Spike Indikator: There is now a little arrow that shows where a spike will pop out.

    Mini Slug:

  • Balance change: Time bonus changed again to appear more often…
  • Changed background music because the file was to big.


  • Different hud: Text is now vertical, and the time display has moved to the top of the screen.
  • There is now a counter that shows how big the last combo was.
  • The blue bonus items have been removed for now to have a little speed increase.


  • Fixed the bug that made the slide sliding in weird directions when aiming at certain angles


  • The enemies can be slower.
  • The game starts with for enemies onscreen.
  • Removed the red bonus dots to gain speed.
  • http://www.gp32x.com/board/index.php?act=ST&f=1&t=21465