Image provided by: GendalGendal has released a port for the game ToME. Here are his words :

  • Initial release and differences from the .4 release of Angband:
  • Left Trigger should now act as a full CTRL key, including keys outside of the a-z and A-Z ranges.
  • Removed main function from spawning in a seperate thread, greatly increasing speed for any ascii animations like the introduction. Running is now close to instantaneous along with other small improvements.
  • Macro interface reverted back to star shape
  • Small visual improvements to OSK and Macro interface, including changing key highlight in the OSK to red for easier visibility
  • Added previous message to bottom line next to the Battery display since it was going unused and I often missed the last message because of macros and whatnot clearing the buffer.
  • ToME now flushes the input buffer before sending a macro with the star interface, you should not have to use eee anymore. If anybody can think of a reason this is a bad default, let me know.