Just had a small talk with Wubby on IRC about his progress on”Tony-Targets”, which is a political shooting game for the GP32 🙂 Here we go:

[Kojo_work] wubb000000000000000000r[Kojo_work] any news on your game?[The_Wub] hey man :)[The_Wub] I’m working on it right now :)[The_Wub] I should be doing music though ;)[Kojo_work] feel free to give me wip news;)[Kojo_work] if you like[The_Wub] I would love to :)[The_Wub] right now?[Kojo_work] hmm[Kojo_work] why not ;)[Kojo_work] shoot out[The_Wub] Ok, well the main goal has been to Miyamoto-ise the game structure. To this end, best scores for each stage are saved to SMC so as you improve your aim you can go back and achieve 100% on all the levels thus opening up new options (new stages, characters etc..).[The_Wub] The only xtra character I’ll tell you about is G. B. bush (with cowboy hat 😉 )[The_Wub] *G. W. Bush[The_Wub] I have most of the new code 75% there. :)[The_Wub] just massive optimising going on (thanks to ryleh)[The_Wub] That’s about it :)[Kojo_work] okay i do a shameless copy and paste of those news now 😉 thanks