Image provided by: mnemonicmnemonic sent me his first release of TwixT for the Gameboy Advance. Here is a description of the game concept:

Twixt is a three dimensional version of an old pen and paper game. The object of the game is to build an uninterrupted”bridge”from one end of the board to the other. The players do this by alternately placing”pegs”on the board. If a player has placed a peg in such a position that it can be connected to another peg, they can place a”link”connecting the pegs. The restriction is that links cannot cross each other, so a player can place pegs and links in such a manner that they block their opponents links. The first player to created an uninterrupted path from one side of the board to the other is the winner.

One tricky aspect to placing pegs and links is that the links will not connect if the pegs are placed in line with each other. The pegs must be placed on a one by two diagonal. Pegs can be placed in such a way that they can connect with up to eight other pegs.

Further release notes:

This is a two-player game, there is no link support as of yet (doubtful unless somebody really shows that they are interested)

There is no computer AI to play against. (Such implementation would be mind-boggling to say the least.)

I’m a very amature coder so the code is weak, and the fence linking detection is horrible. Not to mention red player can put fences over black’s(blue on the GBA – easier to see) – even though you’re not supposed to. I’m to lazy to implement detection. Besides, anyone serious about playing the game should know the rules and would easily be able to avoid/ignore this. There is also no Win condition detection. The players would have to know that they have won.

Regardless it is still a playable version of TwixT on the GBA.

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