I just had a look into my inbox and it seems Onickz preapared something nice for us 🙂 But read more:

I finally ported some of my Undertraxx electro tracks to GBA, using the great MusicPlayer Advance V.2 by NEiM0D. This Undertraxx GBA Edition includes 6 high quality mono tracks: *4520 Is Yours*An Ailiar*And They Go*Mas X Trem*Szhit – Soft Edition*TitaniumExpect more Undertraxx GBA Ed with many of my Undertraxx tracks, including: 262 Is The Exit, BloO, Crying Game, Desaster (&Hypno Rmx), Deseer, Elements 11-99, Glosh, Level8, Lienken 500 Phase One, Masheer, Nag, Nest, Players, Renegade, Soft Era, Stripper, Suffer,Tantra, The Anthology, Yeah23…I hope you’ll enjoy those tracks, which are available as CD tracks (Undertraxx Vol. AAA and Vol. 2, and also Vol. XS being composed), and as FREE mp3 tracks at http://www.undertraxx.com and http://www.onickz.com

The ROM file is rather large (over 7MB). I just had a short view on it with Visualboy Advance but the sound wasn’t nice. Probably someone test it on real hardware and can tell me trough the forums if it sounds better? Due to the extreme size of this rom, I can’t offer it here. Please get to the authors homepage and grab it there.http://www.undertraxx.com/gba