I played around with the cascade style sheets (.css’). Maybe the one or other recognized it through the last hour. Everything should be back to normal… well not all 🙂

* By mistake I overwrote an important file. On the left side you can see “Arcarde”, “Master System 2” and “Playstation II” (beside others). This should be “Arcade”, “Master System” and “Playstation 2”. I can’t figure out how to fix it now, so I’ve to wait for Pancid’s help which might take approx 14 hours from now on.
* Instead of the latest 8 news, you’ll should recognize the latest 10 now. (That’s the only advantage for now 🙂

I plan to offer a newsletter again (on a weekly base). If anyone knows a good newsletter script (GPL/Freeware only) please let me know about it. My e-mail is “kojote1980 at yahoo dot com”.

That’s it for today… have a good night all


[Update 00:35 CET] The file is fixed. All systems should be named correct again!