Hi everyone…

  • I’ll be away from the 27th December up to the 5th January. I’m hardly reachable in that time and may not post news nor reply on any e-mail I get.
  • From this Friday to Sunday I’ll be in Mannheim/Germany on the “TUM” demoparty. More Information could be found here:http://www.tum-home.de/.
  • PDRoms will get a News-Archive very soon. Pancid is allready working on it.
  • I’m seriously thinking about getting a FTP server for PDRoms. This should be seen as additional service. You will be able to get all the homebrewn stuff avaliable here without clicking through all pages. We already had a discussion in #pdroms EFNET but I want to get a few more opinions. Please feel free to e-mail me.
  • I think that’s it so far, have a nice day all…