Release notes:

Hi all,I’m fairly new to the PSP, and have been spending the last week or so learning how to play with its innards. I’ve come up with this little game, which is a ‘port’ of Vector Infector, a game being put together by one of me mates. It’s a Geometry Wars inspired game. Basically, you have to kill everything that moves, except for the shiny little gems, which you collect. The more gems you get, the higher your score multiplier, and the bigger your guns get.It’s still VERY beta so any feedback would be greatly appreciated!Controls:Dpad or analoggy to moveShape buttons to fireLtrigger = switch between robotron-esque and straight-ahead shootingRtrigger = freeze movement for aiming when shooting straight aheadSelect = dump screenshot to MS root (just raw, sorry!)Start = cycle music (only 1 track though, so never mind)You can grab it from here.Cheers,Smayds