Image provided by: Mach-OneThe Vortex is a space-skill game. Your viewpoint is above your spaceship. Your mission is to find the rescue pod, and return it to the central teleport, before the timer reaches zero. You can pick up some extra time and extra points along Your way.After You returned the pod successfully, You have the same mission, but now a different level. Each level contains colorful obstacles, avoid to collide with them.You will”die”in the following three cases:1. You hit the obstacles2. Your time’s up3. You hit the central teleport without the rescue pod picked upThe control of the ship is a very enjoyable one, if You ever played the Stardust on Amiga, You know it well… You can rotate the ship clockwise and counter-clockwise with the left/right directional buttons. With the cross button you operates the engine. The ship will move to the direction pointed by its nose. If You want to change the direction of the movement, it’s not enough to rotate the ship to that heading, You have to operate the engine too.Please do not upload it to any website (use a link instead). This way the number of downloads are known precisely and further development can be determinated. – This is the developers request!