I allready posted about the new webboard yesterday. Now I want to go into detail. The sections are:

PD Roms – News regarding planned things or new additions
New FREEWARE Console Releases – Got a new version of your game/demo/application? If so you are right here (No registration for that part needed. Please don’t misuse this, otherwise we’ve to disable Guest posting)

PD Roms – Talk, Talk, Talk 🙂
Freeware ROM Talk – Talk about Freeware ROMS (old and new stuff) here
Development Talk – How? Why? What? Questions over questions, maybe you getan answer here
Console Hardware Talk – Hardware Add Ons, MOD-Chips&Co
Off Topic Talk – Everything which does not fit above

Freeware ROM / (DISK) IMAGE requests – You are looking for a FREEWARE computer/console production? Ask here and we’ll try to help you out! (REMEMBER ONLY FREEWARE allowed, if you are not sure about the status of the production you request better let it, any commercial production request will end into a ban)

So far this is all. Moderators besides me and my cousin Nabeel are: Guyfawkes/GBAemu & fr4nz/Spoutnick Team. I hope the one or other will sign up and discuss with us. So far there are allready 17 registered users.

A thanks to following people helping me setting up the board: Guyfawkes, and Space Commander/Bytegeiz