One of the seminars at Breakpoint 2008 held the title “Where hacking meets demoscene – abusing mass market hardware for the greater good”, which has been presented by tmbinc – who is in particular known for beeing a part of Team Wiizers who released the Twillight Hack. It’s pretty interesting and shouldn’t be missed.

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tmbinc is probably more known for his work on gaming console platforms and other interesting hardware than for his demoscene coding. So far he coded on the Gamecube, the Xbox 360 and the Wii, always with the intention to make the available hardware useful for own projects, without being an official developer.

Gaming console hardware offers a great value for a great price, but are unfortunately usually locked down to only execute authentic code. This seminar will focus on homebrew code on the Nintendo Wii and the Microsoft Xbox 360. After giving a short overview over the two quite different architectures, methods to load own, unsigned code to retail machines will be explained and demonstrated. Finally, a “hello world” for both machines will be discussed, to give potentially interested demo coders a start.