Summary: This is a wifi chat program! This version has MOST of the features working. NOTICE: All communications are public and are even published to a web page. Don’t share any personal information using this program, as anybody will see that! First you will need either:

  • a) Wifi Transfer settings in the CF, if you have run that program beforeor
  • b) Online (Firmware) settings from an online game, with: all satatic ip settings, no WEP. This means you don’t need a CF card (WMB is a possible way to run it). It’s based on the wifi lib by Sgstair, uses UDP to send the massages you draw on your DS to the other connected users. More documentation is to come later.


  • DNS client working.
  • It’s now possible to connect using both wifi settings from wifitransfer and the firmware settings
  • The server has option to upload a message log to an FTP server, locally serve them or save them to a local directory. HTML files are automatically generated (still in devel.)
  • Touch screen code takes into account the pressure of the pen
  • Keyboard (yes, I know it’s not so good)
  • Status
  • User list (limited to 15 users now)