Image provided by: BafioBafio has updated his WiFi chat program for the NDS. It allows you chatting with other NDS users using a WiFi connection. Changes:

Version 0.9* New default skin, designed by Rat (Ben) of Drunken Coders* New keyboard with support for all the keys, shift and caps.* Multiple messages view (press X to change from 1 message to 4 messages view)* Menus (back to bootloader, turn off the ds…)* Settings (change nickname)* Changable font for the drawings* Changable skins (simple JPG images, located in the /skins folder)TODO:** fix some bugs still present in the server** Update to the new Wifi library (when out). That will add support for WEP, etc.* Saving and loading messages from the CF* Save settings on server and/or on the CF * Possibly colors and TCP version… not in the near future though