WiFi Transfer allows you to transfer a file from a computer server (the server application is written in java) to the DS and execute the application straight away. New, now with source code!!! This has been tested only on the GBAMP, but it should work on some flashcards and M3 too (it’s using Chrism’s CF driver).

  • The *source code* is distributed – The paths are all relative to the directory and Sgstair’s lib is included so it should be easy to compile. All you need is the latest DevKitPro NOTE: No spaces in the path to the source…
  • New app, wific2, (execute for GBAMP only) downloads and executes the file named test.nds from the server, without all the setting screen (using the ones saved from wific), for fast testing during development
  • Some important bugfixes:- The discovery code was wrong, this time server discovery sould work better. – The settings sometimes were not put in the wifi, so you could not (at times) interact with the server. So the ‘I can’t get the list of file’ bug (at least in some occasions)
  • Poversaving – close the DS goes in standby – you can turn off the upper screen by pressing select at the main menu
  • The java server now has commandline: java -jar server.jar [directory] [-port portNumber] [-delay sendDelay]
  • http://bafio.drunkencoders.com/