Image provided by: UnknownWumpus is a remake of an old computer/calculator game called”Hunt the Wumpus”. It was available for the calculator TI99/4A and many other systems.Description of”Hunt the Wumpus”from the Wumpus was an important early computer game. It was based on a simple hide-and-seek format, featuring a mysterious monster (the Wumpus) that lurked deep inside a network of rooms. Using a command line text interface, the player would enter commands to move through the rooms, or shoot arrows along crooked paths through several adjoining rooms. There were twenty rooms, each connecting to three others, arranged like the vertices of a dodecahedron (or the faces of an icosahedron). Hazards included bottomless pits, super bats (which would drop the player in a random location) and the Wumpus itself. When the player had deduced from hints which chamber the Wumpus was in without entering it, he would fire an arrow into the Wumpus’ chamber to slay it. However, firing the arrow into the wrong chamber would startle the Wumpus, which might then devour the player.Originally written by Gregory Yob in BASIC while attending the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, and noticed on mainframes at least by 1972, Hunt the Wumpus was first published in the”Peoples Computer Company”1 journal in 1973, again in 1975 in”Creative Computing”, and finally in 1979 in the book MORE BASIC Computer Games. Building on several grid-based games of the”Battleship”variety, Yob injected adversarial humor into the computer’s hints, prefiguring the”voice”of the Infocom narrator. 1 Later versions of the game offered more hazards and other cave layouts. An implementation of Hunt the Wumpus was typically included with MBASIC, Microsoft’s BASIC interpreter for CP/M and one of the company’s first products.