Text taken from GP32emu:

The Arcade emulator XCade has been updated with a new release. Changes are:

CHG: Toggle frame-message (FPS) with left shoulderFIX: Fixed Pengo coloursNEW: Black background around border (instead of letterbox :)CHG: Shifted Pacman (and friends) up 8 more pixels; cut off a little of the maze wall, but make playfield (inside bottom wall) visibleCHG: Moon Cresta will try mooncrst.pdb, but now also mooncres.pdbNEW: Added support for RipOff! and Star Castle (yum, cinematronics vectors!)CHG: Palette fixed on return to game selectorNEW: Added more-or-less support for Tail GunnerCHG: In game selector, A or B will start game (was just A)NEW: Better handling for Pacman (4 way sticks on an 8-way controller :)CHG: In Free Launcher, now show up as”XCade”instead of xcade.gxb

The homepage hasnt been updated yet but you can download the file from us.