I just released a bugfix update to my homegrown game Yahtzee. Here is whats changed:

    – fixed bug where if ‘Fives’ score was not filled in the game would still end if all the rest of the scoresheet was filled in- added a short delay when you roll the dice (in addition of it not rolling until you release the START button) as some people rolled twice by accident- fixed infinite yahtzee score bug. you could keep selecting yahtzee on the scoresheet for additional points on 2nd+ yahtzee.- removed dice roll SFX as it was causing problems after a few games, not sure why

You can download the release fromGP32Emu. Please leave any feedback, bugreports etc on the forum posthere. Thanks to Shotaway&Neomorpheus for giving feedback on the previous release.BTW: I just need to make one change to Darts and I will release a new version of that either later today or tomorrow.