Zotbot DS, an upcomming game for the Nintendo DS has made a few more steps forward. Thanks toDrunkenCodersfor the news. Changes:

W00t just made a major update, I added a data map to the backgrond. What does that mean? Now the map has passable and nonpassable tiles, so now my game has a bump you can jump around w00t. This map will also allow me to do more in the future, such as determine tiles to be grind poles. The hard part non touch screen part of my game is done, now I can do the easy stuff various new tiles, artwork, and more levels. When I get some sort of hardware to test this game on my ds I will add the main characters weapon and enemies, so until then I think I’ll make this a race to the end of the level game. In honor of my engine being basically complete, I’ve made the background ub3r awesome. I also slowed down the sprite a bit, leave comments if it’s too fast, and also if the jump motion looks skippy.