A new version of the Spectrum emulator ZXGP32 has been released. Changes for this version are:

    – Started optimising code – Now runs in 66Mhz with no sound – Still needs 132Mhz to keep sound from dropping.- Selectable CPU speeds (66, 80, 120 or 132).- Tidied up sound – Sounds great thanks to Christian Nowak for his gpsoundbuf lib.- Filebrowser can now change directory, so snapshots can be stored anywhere.- Save state option added – This saves the complete memory, registers etc.- Automatic saving of settings for each game (saves both when the Filebrowser is activated or the emulator is reset). The following options are saved: CPU speed, Sound on/off, Button B mapping, Screen render mode.As not all the extended opcodes are fully emulated the emulator will now show a warning if an unemulated op-code is called. Feel free to e-mail me with any that you would like adding and which game is causing the problem.

Downloads can be found on the homepagehere.