Here are some news from Eponasoft

Quote from our webboard:

This was released back in late September by one of the other groups I code for, Frozen Utopia. It’s a quick demo of the game and what to expect from the final. Some of the things have changed since this demo release (most notably the cutscene graphics) but the gameplay hasn’t changed much at all since then, just some minor tweaks. Anyways, here’s the file:

-Download and unrar.
-Run “unpack.bat” to decompress the audio files.
-Burn, mount to a virtual drive, or run the cuesheet directly in Mednafen.
-Enjoy 🙂

It will run in Magic Engine (you need a virtual drive to do this, or a burned CDR of the game) but there will be some graphics glitches due to unemulated features. The best way to play it is with Mednafen or a real machine. It requires a System 3 card and, like all other PCE CDROMs, is region-free so it will run equally well on a PC Engine Duo, TurbGrafx-16+CDROM+System 3 card, etc.