What Remains v1.0 (NES Game)

What Remains is an 8-bit game for the emblematic 1985 NES console, blending visual novel and adventure elements in a story translating real events from the 80s into an epic quest to save the world. As the story unravels, your life in Sunny Peaks transforms dramatically, and you start uncovering a dark secret threatening everyone. But no despair, your best friend is by your side… as well as a very helpful cat.

The game is developed for the original NES hardware. In line with the project’s concept, the game is developed on reused and repurposed cartridges. The ROM is available for free (donations welcome though!) and can be played in your favourite NES emulator.

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MegaXor v0.1 (Genesis Game)

MegaXor is a remake of Xor for the Sega Mega Drive / Sega Genesis by Ross Gouldthorpe (thegouldfish). It currently features the first three levels.

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Fruit’Y v1.00.2 (PlayStation Vita Game)

Retroguru co-founder Thor brought the puzzle game Fruit’Y to PlayStation Vita yesterday.

Fruit'Y - Playing With Edibles | by Retroguru (Official Trailer)

Fruit’Y – Playing with edibles is heavily inspired by the Kaiko classic Gem’X, which has been seen on computers such as the Commodore Amiga 500, Commodore 64 and Atari ST.

Although tiger mum forbids little Sheran to play with edibles, there is simply no way to stop him from playing with fruits found inside the deep jungle. Being shiny, smelling wonderful and tasting even better Sheran can’t be kept away. So let’s do the best we could do: Support him!

The game consists of two boards of fruits. The left field belongs to Sheran who needs to reproduce the right field 1:1 being able to proceed to the next level. Sounds easy?!

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Golf (Channel F) (Build 23) (Atari 2600 Game)

Considering you are looking for a new golf game for your Atari VCS device, you may want to try atari2600land‘s Golf (Channel F).

Golf for Channel F (version 23)

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Knight Guy in Low Res World v2018.10.28 (Atari 2600 Game)

Knight Guy in Low Res World is an Atari VCS platform game by vhzc featuring 28 screens, covering up only 16kb of space. The game itself has been made using Batari Basic.

Knight Guy in low res world -Homebrew para Atari 2600

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Fantasy World Dizzy (Commercial) (Atari Jaguar Game)

Another Dizzy game hits the Atari Jaguar and is ready for pre-order now: Fantasy World Dizzy. Your objective is to rescue Daisy, but as you’ll discover, there’ll be a further mission should you complete that. You have three lives with which to complete your journey. Be careful in the water! Everyone knows eggs are air breathers! Don’t turn into a fried egg – avoid fire! And finally, the wildlife is dangerous, and Dizzy looks good enough to eat…

Fantasy World Dizzy - Atari Jaguar

Fantasy World Dizzy includes a professionally printed, full-color box, a full-color manual and game cartridge. This run of Fantasy World Dizzy is limited to 250 copies.

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Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe (Commercial) (Atari Jaguar Game)

Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe is a video game based on a violent futuristic cyberpunk sport that draws on elements of handball and ice hockey, and rewards violent play as well as goals. The concept of the game is very reminiscent of the 1975 film Rollerball. The original game was developed by Bitmap Brothers and is one of their most successful titles. Speedball 2 is a sequel to the 1988 game Speedball.

Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe - Atari Jaguar - The Bitmap Brothers

Originally released for the Atari ST in 1990, Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe has been ported to a variety of additional systems, including the Acorn Archimedes, Amiga, Amiga CD32, PC, Commodore 64, Sega Mega Drive, Sega Master System, Game Boy and Game Boy Advance. And now in 2019, Speedball 2 has finally made it’s way to the Atari Jaguar!

According to the game’s story, the first Speedball league (founded in 2095) fails due to violence and corruption. As the organization gives place to anarchy the game is forced underground, but five years later, in an attempt to regain public interest, Speedball 2 is born. The game starts in 2105 with the emergence of a new team, Brutal Deluxe.

Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe is their very first 6MB Atari Jaguar game cartridge. Most Jaguar cartridges are either 2MB or 4MB in size.

Pre-Orders are open!

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Fullscreen NICCC 2000 (Genesis Demo)

Resistance delivered another fine Sega Mega Drive / Sega Genesis demo at Revision 2019. Fullscreen NICCC 2000 features 3D realtime rendering at 25fps. It’s an overall wonderful tribute to the Atari STe Demo STNICCC2000.

Fullscreen Niccc2000 for Megadrive by Gligli^Resistance (Sega Megadrive, 2019)

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Reading in Between the Lines (SNES Techdemo)

Reading in Between the Lines is a techdemo for SNES by Molive. Released at Revision 2019. This one utilizes the rarely used Super Accelerator 1 (SA1) chip.

Reading in Between the Lines by Molive (2019) | SNES Music Demo

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EasyRPG Player v0.6.0 (Wii Port misc)

EasyRPG Player is an open source implementation of the RPG Maker 2000/2003 engine. Get a RPG Maker 2000/2003 game and place it in a direct subdirectory of the Player (boot.dol). After starting the Player a game browser will launch and you can pick the game. Valid games have the files “RPG_RT.ldb” and “RPG_RT.lmt”. You can also launch Player in standalone mode by placing the game directly in the Player directory.

Changes and release notes can be found here. The program has been updated few weeks ago in March 2019.

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