LaiNES v1.1.0 (NES emu for Nintendo Switch)

LaiNES is a cycle accurate NES emulator initially written by Andrea Orru and ported to Nintendo Switch by Kevoot. You can find a discussion at GBAtemp.

Thanks to Nintendomax for the news.

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CannonBall-NX v1.0 (Nintendo Switch misc Port)

CannonBall-NX is an enhanced Out Run Engine. Although not an emulator it uses graphics and music via the Arcade ROM of Outrun Revision B. The commercial ROM is not included.

Thanks to Nintendomax for the news.

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NES ClasSwitch v0.1.0 (NES emu for Nintendo Switch)

If you are eager to player good old NES / Famicom games on your homebrew enabled Nintendo Switch why not trying out NES ClasSwitch by waywardson07. The emulator is evolving slowly but surely, keep an eye out.

Thanks to Nintendomax for the news.

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WiiMC-SS v2018.05.16 (Wii Application)

WiiMC-SS is a fork of WiiMC, a multi media player for the Nintendo Wii.

Release notes:

-Enabled ADX audio decoding

I mean this is a gaming console so why not support game music formats?
So far only ADX files from NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams seem to play incorrectly.

-GameCube controller support

Every button from the wiimote (Form Baton) is currently mapped.
Please note that there are still some things that require the pointer.

-The option to disable the H.264 deblock filter on a per video basis

To disable simply change the extension of your video to “.dash”.
Disabling this increases decoding speed a lot, but decreases visual quality, however depending on the video you can get away with it quite well. Keep in mind that the Netflix app for Wii does this for both main and baseline profiles.

-Added an option to enable the volume normalizer audio filter. (A restart is needed when changing from methods)
-Added an option to always zoom videos to 4:3 ratio. (H zoom should be ~133%, this setting only works if your Wii is set to 4:3 mode)
-Added an option to enable deflicker, 480i and 480p supported.
-Added an option to scale screen width to 720.
You will find these new options in the settings menu. For volnorm set it to “2” to enable volnorm method 2.

-Added Screen Burn-in Reduction support
To enable simply go to Settings->Global, it will dim the screen if the screen saver is active after 4 seconds.
This setting requires ahbprot disabled.

-Added an option to switch to 240p mode.
This setting can be found in the global section.

Thanks to Nintendomax for the news.

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VBA-Next Switch v0.5 (Game Boy Advance emu for Nintendo Switch)

VBA-Next Switch is an optimized port of VBA-M to Libretro. VBA-M itself is a fork of the original Visual Boy Advance. RSDuck brought it now to the Nintendo Switch to enjoy some classic Game Boy Advance games. Don’t forget we host a great range of free and legal GBA homebrews!

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Game of Life v1.2 (Nintendo Switch misc)

Game of Life for Nintendo Switch (using libnx) by Srynetix.

Thanks to Nintendomax for the news.

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Nebs & Debs v2018.05.25 (WIP) (NES Game)

Chris Cacciatore is still working on his NES platform game Nebs & Debs.


Here’s a glimpse at the first moving platforms level. Still one or two kinks to work out with moving platforms. #nesdev #gamedev

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Homebrew Legends Interview: Bitmap Bureau (Genesis misc)

Homebrew Legends talk with the guys from Bitmap Bureau who currently work on Xeno Crisis for Sega Genesis.

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Lapin Kulta (Atari 2600 Invitro)

Lapin Kulta is a invitro for Silly Venture 2018 by Dentifrice. Released at Simulaatio 2018.

Lapin Kulta (Final version!) by Dentifrice – Atari 2600 VCS Intro (2018) | Demoscene

Watch this video on YouTube.
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CODE-8 (PICO-8 Game)

CODE-8 is a great retro point+click adventure game by Liquidream for PICO-8. You have crashed on an alien planet after responding to a CODE-8 distress call. Now you have to try to repair your ship and get home…

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